The Secretariat of the Coalition has a Department and runs three Programs

* Finances and Administration Department

* Advocacy and Capacity Building Program
* Researches, Litigations and publications Program
* Internship Program

Finances and Administration Department

The finance and administration department deals with daily finance matters of the Coalition together with administration, including the membership of the Coalition.

Advocacy and Capacity Building Program

The Advocacy and Capacity Building program focuses on advocacy on Court instruments, trainings workshop on African Human Rights system as a whole, sensitization seminars, roundtable discussions, conferences, and lobbying.

Researches, Litigations and Publications Program

This Program deals with:-
* Researches on various human rights systems and bodies in order to cement and improve promotion and protection of human rights in Africa;
* Assist victims of human rights seeking redress before the Court in providing technical (through pro bono lawyers) and financial support;
* Dissemination of publications and information, through both hard copies and soft copies, related to the Court, the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights and other African Union Human Rights related bodies including; the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child and regional Court and Tribunals.

Internship program

The internship programme is valuable in exposing young people to the African Court and its mechanisms as well as work experience in an organization. Persons who are interested on the internship programme should send a motivation letter and CV to the Secretariat of the Coalition.