ACC 2ND Edition Booklet on the Implementation of the African Court Decisions


The Coalition is pleased to share its second edition Booklet on the Implementation of Decisions of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights in English and French versions.

The Booklet can be downloaded in ENGLISH and FRENCH version.

The Coalition is aware that there is a growing concern regarding the non-implementation of the African Court judgments, yet implementation of judgments or decisions of the Court is one of the key aspects of the litigation process that would make the work of the African Court effective. For the time being, the concept of implementation of decisions of the Court is largely new to national stakeholders who need to be aware that implementation of regional decisions at national level needs to be monitored to enhance chances of success.

It is with this notion in mind that the Coalition developed this Booklet to provide basic understanding of how regional decisions are received in the legal orders of selected countries for purposes of recognition and enforcement.

This Booklet  thus provides information on national legal frameworks that can be used to enable implementation of the African Court decisions, for States that have deposited Article 34(6) Declaration of the African Court Protocol, and also an analysis of the legal and institutional framework put in place by the African Union (AU) to ensure implementation of the African Court’s judgments.

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